Eco friendly

We Recycle!


We recycle and/or reuse everything we can that we remove from your property! After we remove all the junk from your property, we bring it to a facility so we separate and organize all the junk into recyclable and reusable piles.



We are one of very few Junk removal companies that really strive to give back to the community, Children, and to the Earth. We want to hold ourselves and our competitors to a certain standard in regards to making the world a much more eco friendly place.

Junk to a Trunk


One of our primary focuses in regards to junk removal is recycling. We know that it is impossible to physically recycle 100% of the junk we remove so we started a program called Junk to a Trunk. This program allows us to give back to the environment. For everything 10 thousand pounds we have to take to a landfill, we plant a tree. We want to be as green as possible for not only ourselves but for the future of our children.